All of our storage beds are made locally in Murcia and are guaranteed. The wooden coloured models are made from quality resin pressed particle board (enviromentally friendly) and covered in moisture resistant melamine. We have a choice of colours to suit all tastes. The ADVANTAGE to these types of base compared to traditional fabric ones is that if a side panel or end panel gets damaged in any way it can simply be replaced. Our faux leather bases are made from quality PU fabric, and in a large range of colours. We also have over 20 headboards in various sizes to match the faux leather base. SUPER SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE. Click into the product(s) below for individual prices on standard sizes.

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Monet Deep Storage Base

Price shown is for a standard double 135x190. Extra deep storage base (27cm), made from quality melamine frame, thick durable base, colour co-ordinated lifting handle(s) now in wood and bolted through frame. Complete with retainer bar to hold mattress in place, the base is flush to the floor model, so avoiding collecting dust. Lifting section covered in latest 3D colour co-ordinated fabric. Choice of 12 colours including, cambrian, dark wengue, walnut, white, silver, oak & grey. All sizes available upto 200x200. Interior depth for storage 27cm !

329.00 *

Suitbed Storage Base

Quality storage base, made locally in Murcia. Embedded lifting handle, colour co-ordinated top with inset latest 3D breathable fabric. Retainer bar to hold mattress in place, the base is flush to the floor reducing dust with huge 29cm interior storage. Large choice of fabrics & faux leather colour options. Headboards can also be made to match. All sizes available upto 200x200cm. Price shown is for a 135x190cm.

754.00 *

Faux Leather Storage Base

Our new faux leather deluxe storage bed base same quality - lower price ! Generous 26cm deep interior storage area. The base is finished in faux leather and there is a massive choice of 30 leather colours. Lift-up section in latest 3D breathable fabric. Handles now in wood, bolted into the frame and colour coded. Extra sturdy construction with solid wood interior base. Larger sizes come with a split base. SUPER LARGE sizes are twin bases with joined lids. All sizes available upto 200x200cm. Also in fabric, extra 50€ - 100€ more depending on choice of fabric. Complete the look with a headboard to match, choice of designs. 

379.00 *

Geni Storage Base

Our deepest GENI storage bed base comes with a massive 31cm deep storage area, with a total height of 40cm. The base is finished in faux leather, with wood flash finish to the floor. Stitching detail to the corners. There is a huge choice of 27 faux leather colours & 6 wood colours. Extra sturdy construction with solid wood interior, this model is flush to the floor with silicone piping underneath, reducing the dust intake, great for allergies. Price shown is for a standard double 135x190cm. Lead time 4 weeks. All sizes available upto 200x200cm. 

525.00 *

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