Nucol Premium Mattress

(Size: 135x190cm)

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The "Nucol Premium" high quality mattress is at the cutting edge of mattress technology by GOMARCO. Massive depth 33cm. Synthetic pocket sprung mattress, with high stretch fabric and AIR FRESH 3D system for dry comfort & resilience to provide the perfect relax & rest. 11 zones of comfort built into the mattress. Complete with pocket NANO SPRINGS reversible topper. 2 year guarantee. All prices shown are the manufacturer recommended selling price. PLEASE CONSULT US FOR LATEST OFFERS. Price shown is for a standard double 135x190cm.

The Patented Nucol System is formed by high quality memory foam sections in various levels of firmness, spread through the mattress to fit the body´s shape.

Besides each Nucol spring the mattress has ventilation lines enabling airflow. This provides freshness, breathability and avoids accumulation of heat.

GOMARCO work closely with the Dr Estivill Sleep Clinic in Barcelona. The Nucol system has been tested by his Dream Clinic, specialists in Neurophysiolgy and Sleep Medicine. 

All sizes available upto 200x200cm. PLEASE CONSULT US FOR THE LATEST PRICES.

  • Nano TM Spring Topper (2000+ springs)
  • Extra Comfort Double Padded Top with Inmogel 
  • Summer Topper with AirFresh 3D Fabric
  • Patented NUCOL TM air system creates a breathable interior to the mattress
  • Super Support Edge System
  • Suitpur Comfort system TM

Selection: Nucol Premium Mattress

Product no. Size Price
13-0001 90x190cm 875.00 € *
13-0011 90x200cm 985.00 € *
13-0002 135x190cm 1,235.00 € *
13-0010 135x200cm 1,395.00 € *
13-0003 150x190cm 1,360.00 € *
13-0009 150x200cm 1,540.00 € *
13-0004 160x190cm 1,485.00 € *
13-0005 160x200cm 1,680.00 € *
13-0007 180x190cm 1,690.00 € *
13-0006 180x200cm 1,905.00 € *
13-0013 200x190cm 1,865.00 € *
13-0008 200x200cm 2,105.00 € *

Price includes VAT, a delivery charge may apply

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