Suiza Bedroom Collection. Finished in colour Cambrian. Price includes...
2 x Bedside Cabinets
1 x Atenas Headboard
1 x Chest of 4 Drawers
1 x "Square" Mirror
Optional extra, storage bed to match in colour Cambrian, 150cm (king size) 399€.


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(Size: 150x190cm)

Price shown is for a standard double 135x190. Extra deep storage base (27cm), made from quality melamine frame, thick durable base, colour co-ordinated lifting handle(s) now in wood and bolted through frame. Complete with retainer bar to hold mattress in place, the base is flush to the floor model, so avoiding collecting dust. Lifting section covered in latest 3D colour co-ordinated fabric. Choice of 12 colours including, cambrian, dark wengue, walnut, white, silver, oak & grey. All sizes available upto 200x200. Interior depth for storage 27cm !

Size: 150x190cm
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